Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Robert Ruffcorn said...

Any idea when this label was around? I have a similar label only no Kiso in the name at the bottom. Just Suzuki Violin Co. LTD. Other than that the same label.

Much appreciated.

NiteTrippa90 said...

From what i understand, suzuki violin co started making violins in the late 1800s yet didn't begin making guitars until the 1950's, however the name was changed to kiso suzuki violin co. Ltd. So I am assuming that you have a violin. Regardless of what your instrument may be, it seems these old Japanese instruments are quite hard to date as there appears to be little to no information about the early models. I own a classical guitar made in Japan, the label reads : suzuki guitar - kiso suzuki violin co. Ltd - model # 50. I believe it was perhaps one of kiso suzuki's early models, possibly made between the late 50's and early 60's. The guitar sounds beautiful. It looks its age, but I like instruments with character. The neck is not dead straight (apparently this was quite common in early Japanese guitars), however it has definitely stood the test of time, and for an old guitar it sounds beautiful.

Nikka Daze Santos said...

I had mine it seys kiso guitar inside and there were written over war no.50 its looks like a violin but its a guitar the sounds so sweet and wonderful sorry for my English,

Anonymous said...

I bought a Suzuki classical guitar model G150 in good condition for $120 over 3 years ago. It sounds pretty warm and nice.

The the strange thing to me is that the label says "SUZUKI MANDOLIN" in dominantly big cap letter, then the small little cap "KISO SUZUKI VIOLIN CO., LTD" underneath, then "JAPAN" at the bottom.

It seems that the it is popular for Suzuki Violin made/labelled guitar. But I could not find any info about Suzuki Mandolin made/labelled classical guitar.

Would anyone has any info about G150 classical guitar labelled under SUZUKI MANDOLIN name, regarding the year, built, quality level or any particular thing about it?

my email: pv_hung@yahoo.com