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Anonymous said...


I have a Nagoya Suzuki number 18. It's the only one I have ever seen and I can't seem to find out anything about it.

I believe it is a classical guitar. I have a set of light steel strings on it but it should probably have gut strings. The fingerbord is very wide and the action is pretty high.

I would like to send some pictures. Are you interested?


george said...

I also have a Kiso Suzuki, model #W-65H, serial #50832. It's modeled after the Hummingbird though the hummingbird design is almost worn off of the pick guard. I've had the guitar for about 30 years. As with the other 2 previous posts, how do I submit photos?

Anonymous said...

I've got a Kiso Suzuki 9510 Label Acoustic Guitar. Can't seem to find out anything about it. Can anyone enlighten me please?
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

i have a number 9507. its not in the best shape, the headstock was snapped of by some clumsey git in a pub, and the finish is all scratch. im the process of stripping back the varnish to redo it and i have re-attached the headstock. its not perfect but im not going to sell it, had it years.
its a copy of a gibsn hummingbird, other than that i dont know much about it.
does anyone know any more?
and does anyone have a spare bridge,as mine has been lost in the sands of time!


NewsicHome said...

Hi, I have a 6 strings acoustic Kiso Suzuki Violin Co. with serial number 61281. It sounds great..

NewsicHome said...

the model is W150


Trenna said...

I have a Suzuki F 8U, it was my das and the action was pretty high and had to be lowered, but apart from that it has a really good sound and is well made. I was just wondering what year this was and how much it would be worth?
Im not selling though, its too sentimental!

Anonymous said...

i have a kiso suzuki classical guitar, and the serial number is 50844, and the model no. is GA-100. is it mean that this guitar manufactured in 50's??

molcese said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki guitar. I have had it since I was 11. I am now 46. I have loved this guitar for years! Unfortunately, one of my son's clumsy oafs stepped on the face. Does anyone know where I could take it in the Chicago, Illinois area to get it repaired? I can't live without it anymore!!

Anonymous said...

Help! I have a Kiso Suzuki model K-190J, serial #00902. It has the same label as the second one down. It's a dreadnaught body, with brass nut/saddle and bridge-pins? It has the "tree-of-life" mother pearl (or abalone?) up the fret-board. Any info would be great.

Anonymous said...

hi i have an old 9653 12-string i got it from my dad who got from his friend who got it from his father if you would like pictures then e-mail me at

irene said...

i am tying to find info on a kiso-suki 90431 wos 260 BB
can any one tell me something please what all the numbers mean and what it is worth. I thank you so much for your time in responding thank you Irene

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what type of neck joint and glue on an old 9653 12 string please? Anyone done a neck reset on one? Any comments would be appreciated to:
playlab at hotmail . com (in the correct format)
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I have recently bought a KisoSuzuki 4 string banjo neck guitar model T120 serial number 10903.
I've never seen anything like it! It's well made (all laminate) and in excellent condition. Does anyone know anything about this long scale (650mm) instrument? I've tuned it like a bouzouki GDAD and it sounds great. The body is like a small dreadnought guitar. It is probably meant to be a plectrum guitar for banjo players who want a mellow sound.

Anonymous said...

i have a 9512 will post pics if anyone wants ! wouldnt sell as enjoable as my martin and art&luthrie :) shame they bust now :(

Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki 6 string acoustic given to me free by a friend 10 years ago. The model is w300 and serial # 40964. Not sure of year. thge blogs say first and or second digit is the year. Would that make it a 54 or 64 or 74 ? The sound is amazing. Sounds as good as or better than Martins etc. Any comments said...

I got a Kiso Suzuki acoustic. Model no. 80.

I got it from my father who bought in in 1969 (not sure if new or used)

It has "acks" written on the headstock and in the inside label in big lettering. I've been searching around and havn't been able to find any reference to it.

The headstock was cracked by one of my brother's goofball friends but we glued it back together and it's playing wonderfully again

Peter Cox said...

I have a hummingbird 12 string WT-65H 80614

and a hummingbird 6 string W-65HS 80636

The 12 is better than anything from the Martin Gibson stable - just to die for just extraordinary sound. the 6 is more ordinary but still very good.

I would not part with my 12 for $4000 US it is that good. I have pulled Gibsons and Martins and Matons off the racks in Music stores - nothing compares - it is that good. It has a zero fret.
The bass on the 6 blows away the big Americans - new strings give it a really metallic sound.

Also have a mid '70's Takeharu Dove same thing - great bass & for these 6's need to select fine sweet strings for the treble strings.

Unknown said...

I have a Kiso-Suzuki Violin Co acoustic with model number KW-150 and serial number 80697. Not sure what the "K" part of the model number means. Also have had it longer than 1980 so not sure either of the year. I am guessing 1968 as I remember an old photo of me playing it at age 12-13 which is the age I was at that time when I received it as a B-day present.

Anonymous said...

I have a model# 9510 and the serial# in the top right of the label is 90218...can anyone tell me what this means??

Unknown said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki guitar,inside the guitar hole on the paper with its details is written simply model No. 1.00 acks and then the name of the company, kiso suzuki violin co., ltd. Japan.

Does anyone know where I'd be able to find out more about my guitar or what it would be worth? Have been battling to find any information on the interenet.

devnulljp said...

Hi, I don't know if you're still interested, but I found a spreadsheet with a list (incomplete) of Suzuki model numbers, years of production, and original cost (, and I've tabulated as much of the info from this page and my own guitar to try to figure out the serial number scheme.

I'm fairly convinced the first digit of the serial # is the last digit of the year. Beyond that, I don't see a useful pattern (see below)

Also, the spreadsheet gives meaning for some of the letters:
※FH・F:フォークギター = folk guitar
W・GR・GW:ウェスタンタイプ = Western type
NY:ニューヨーカー = New Yorker

model# serial# Year Jp year Est. Prod. Year
W-65H 50832 1974-1975 Showa 49-50 1975
F-100 29034 1968-73 Showa 43-48 1972
W150 61281 1975-1980 Showa 50-55 1976
GA-100 50844 ?? ?? ??
?? 20907 ?? ?? ??
K-190J 902 ?? ?? ??
wos 260 BB 90431 ?? ?? ??
T120 10903 ?? ?? ??
W-300 40964 1975-1980 Showa 50-55 Could this be 1974?
WT-65H 80614 ?? ?? ??
W-65HS 80636 ?? ?? ??
KW-150 80697 1975-1980 Showa 50-55 1978
9510 90218 ?? ?? ??

Anonymous said...

Last christmas, in my parents home, I found my old guitar in the lumber room, where i left when I go to the university in the 1981. Has been sleeping there the last 30 years!
Without dust and with a new d'addario strings, sounds wonderful.
It's a Kiso Suzuki WE-200, 6 strings dreadnought n70769, with palisandro laminated back. I have forgotten play guitar in the last years, but I'm happy to recover my new old guitar!! And to learn to play again whith my teenager daugthers!
Saludos a todos desde Barcelona, amigos!
Joan Carles

Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso-Suzuki, 6 string guitar, model KS190, serial # 10824. The label reads Kiso Suzuki Violin Company LTD. Can anyone give me any info on this guitar, year made, approx value, anything.


Anonymous said...

I have a Suzuki Three-S # AD380S that I've had since new for over thirty years.

I don't know anything about it other than it plays and sounds better than any other acoustic I've heard or played.

Everyone laughs at it until they hear it then all they want to do is trade me for it.

olias said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki WT100A 12 string NOT the WT100,(lots of them about)circa late 1969-early 70s in lovely condition. I have tried everywhere to get info about this model, but no luck. Apparently the Vintage Axe Company have heard of it, but hav'nt seen one.I would like to find out at least something about it, but even the Suzuki main dealer UK has'nt heard of it.Can anybody point me in the right direction as to finding some info? I want to sell it. Have Pics if required

Anonymous said...

i have a Kiso-Suzuki. Model no. WG65 with serie no. 41208. Is it any one how know something about this type of guitar.

Best regards....Johan from Sweden

Anonymous said...

I have a 12 string Kiso Suzuki model No WT100A. Not the WT100,these are really common guitars. I can find absolutely nothing about it, except The Vintage Axe Co, had heard of it but had never seen one. It is a mid 60s-early 70s model. Can anyone throw some light on this guitar please? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki Violin/Mandoline Model No. 9655 with case. Cant find anything about it or the value. Rarely used. Can you comment.

SMF said...

I found a Kiso Suzuki Violin Company Takeharu Guitar Folk WT 100, 12 strings, 1975 #1032.
The guitar is very well maintained.
Can I have some information?!

Thanks =D

noel said...


Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki WR-150, serial #00949 and, I'm not entirely sure how to read the serial number but anything to help with that. Or any way to find out something about it. Sounds wonderful and wouldn't trade it for a martin I don't think.

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki Violin Model number WOS 260 Serial 00220. I Buy in second hand store. Someone knows what year made this guitar? In this blog are a picture like my guitar. But the model is diferent i think. help Please!

Unknown said...

I got my wife a used Kiso Suzuki Model W 180, serial 41104, for her birthday about 6 years ago. It is in great shape, the A string is a little dull but it needs new strings. Looks like Rosewood back and sides, spruce top. Very playable.
I would love to know the year if anyone has that info. From what I've read, the 180 stands for 18,000 yen.
at todays rate that would be about $220.00 US dollars. Very nice guitar for that price.
Please send info if you have it to
That you!!

Unknown said...

I bought my wife a Kiso Suzuki model W 180, serial 41140 about 6 years ago for her birthday from a friend. Very playable and a very well made guitar. She loves it more cause we just got a Suzuki Vitara SUV. She thinks that's cool caving a Suzuki car and guitar. It looks like its redwood back and sides, spruce top. I'd love to have more info on it. Please send any comments to Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I have a kiso suzuki violin co 'gut guitar'
patent pending 293841
with unusual carving on the inner struts.
No model number. with brazilian rosewood fretboard ( i think). Carved struts are what make this guitar unusual.
any information on these?
Thanks Matthew

trivia enthusiast said...

I am looking for more information on my Suzuki guitar (got it from my father on my 21st b-day). I've already found lots of information from all the great posts here. Specifically, a Model F-1300, serial number ( ). From the spreadsheet posted Oct 2010, seems it is a "Folk guitar F-130 (steel string)" produced circa 1972-73, and it is has the "Three S" marking, but with the extra digit in the model number (F-1300 vs F-130) I am a bit confused as to accual value (for insurance purposes). Condition is Mint with a near perfect case, and sounds excellent. Thanks in advance for any information. Pictures on request.
Jim B

Unknown said...


i have a kiso suzuki mod. W180A, serial number: 00932

i'm in search for any info about it


Unknown said...

I have a suzuki that is Labeled NO. 7... what does this 7 mean. I cant find any other number on the guitar. I would like to know what this 7 means. thank you

tomas said...

7 means the model number. It is a steel string guitar. Somewhere inside is the serial number, which would be a clue to the date.

Unknown said...

Mine is a model 9651 serial 00021

tomas said...

Wow. Nice Dan. Song, voice and guitar! Thanks for sharing

Jarrod said...

hi tomas and all ,in my years of trying to date Suzuki guitars the only sense I can make of it all is for kiso Suzuki's ( inc. Takeharu , Halifax , bluebell , tomson etc ) the first number of the serial number is the last year of the build year ie. 11023 would be either , 1971(apparent on takeharu's which have the model number build year and serial number which the first digit is always last of the build year) or 1981 depending on the label square being approx. 1971 -1979 and the round being 1978-1986 .the scarce 50's and 60's kiso's I have seen , have the build year and the model number ie.1968 No6.. Nagoya Suzuki is a lot harder to date as masakichi Suzuki made guitars in the early 1900's but are better known for their generic label easily going back as far as the 50's and up to 1980 before changing again for their last 7-8 years. most (NOT ALL )Nagoya Suzuki's have a 6 digit serial number stamped on the inside of the neck heel, where the first 2 digits are the year ie. 711360 so 1971 build number #1360 some have thought the 6 digit serial numbers were the whole build date , I don't think that's the case , Manji or M Suzuki's even harder to date as there is less known about these Suzuki's some were made in japan late 70's early 80's before being made in korea ,also have a 6 digit serial number and a letter . I too thought I had a nice 70's Suzuki until I bought a kiso Suzuki 1981 catalogue with my guitar in it unfortunately confirming the round label to be late 70's-80' are my Suzuki's and their serial numbers w65hs round label 91036 (1979 ), my w65h round label 00316 (1980) ... my kiso wos260/12 round label 01212 (1980) ,my Nagoya built Suzuki's... Three S AE-30 with the green three s square label from 1980-1987 ser# 810987 (1981) ,Nagoya #12 old square label ser# 710518 (1971), and Manji Suzuki FW516 ser# K919025 ...M Suzuki guitars were made in Hamamatsu japan by Suzuki musical INST MFG company aka the Suzuki we know today and on speaking to them yes they did make Manji Suzuki guitars but could not provide accurate build dates but did tell me the Japanese made M Suzuki's were 70's 80's ... if anyone else has any information on these wonderful lesser known guitars hit me up ,

Unknown said...

Hi, I just bought an old Kiso Suzuki Hummingbird W-65HS serial number 80610 (square label). The fret inlays are square/rectangular and not the trapezoidal/split inlays of the images I have seen on Google so far. Anyone have an idea of date? Based on above posts, am I looking at a 78 model or an 88 model? Thanks.

tomas said...


Unknown said...

Cool, thanks Tomas.

Jarrod Amohau said...

so you want to date your kiso Suzuki guitar ... the first kiso Suzuki guitars are actually pre 1951 possibly even from 1948 I will send tom the label and photos of the guitar in question , anyway ... All kiso Suzuki guitars pre-1970 had the date ( anno or Anne ) stamped on the label with the model number eg. Anne 1967 No.7 etc from 1969-1970 the kiso labels changed to the square label and then had 5 digit serial numbers with the first being the year of the 70s it was made eg 10345 =1971 #345 ... the square label was used until 1979 where the label was now round with ALL serial numbers starting with 9 ,0 ,1, 2,3 for 1979 , 1980 81 82 83 .the round label from 1979 and some 1980 labels have the green wreath border ... Nagoya Suzuki had also changed labels from the standard white and yellow to the white square label for standard Nagoya's and green square labels for the three S series ... all Nagoya s have 6 digit serials , and 7 after mid 80s . I can be found on facebook at kiso Suzuki guitars

Anonymous said...

Jarrod a kiso suzuki 200 with 00888 number ,means that is of 70,or 80,thanks?

tomas said...

yes...round label or square label? Square 1970...Round = 1980

Anonymous said...

I have a Kiso Suzuki D80 classical with s/n 21251. So that means that it was built in 1972? Has anyone heard of a D80?